Book Blogger Hop (Two posts in one day!!)

November 3rd – 9th – When reading a book, do you use a bookmark to mark your place in the book, or do you just fold over the top corner of the page? (submitted by Maria @ A Night’s Dream of Books)
OK, I stumbled across this on Singer of Stories and thought it was super cool! I just had to post about it (even though, I know, I know, I already posted today!) So now I’m following this Book Blogger Hop pages and have set myself  reminder to check it out every Monday for the week’s prompt.  
I am definitely a bookmark user. Usually I just grab whatever bit of paper is closest to mark my page (typically a receipt or the hold slip from the library), but I have a weakness for magnetic booksmarks. There are several Etsy shops that make really cute ones, but I’ve even found some adorable Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and funny smiling cacti ones at Target. HelloPapersCo has a very unique collection on Etsy, though they run a little pricey. ReadAndWonder also sells great sets with various fandoms at a great price point.

How about you? Are you a user of bookmarks, or a corner folder? If you do use bookmarks, what type do you like?

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