Kindle Unlimited (Cyber Monday Deals Week Offer!!)

The selection on Kindle Unlimited doesn’t seem to be the greatest. There are a lot of Indie publishers (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) but you don’t see a lot of main stream publishers (hello, Avon!) There are still a lot of gems, they’re just sometimes pretty well hidden in the pile of… I don’t want to say “poorly edited self-published trash,” so pretend I said just that but in much nicer terms. 🙂

Kindle Unlimited has a price point of $9.95 a month, most of the ebooks available on Kindle Unlimited have a purchase price of $0.00-$2.99. So unless you’re reading 3+ of the higher price point books each month, this may not be worth your time. It’s nice that you can “borrow” up to 10 books at a time, and if you get a dud you can just return it and check out another one, but unless you’re a super reader this might not be the most cost effective product for you.

However, if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can also get the Audible Romance Package for the lower price point of $6.95/month (normally $14.95/month unless you are an Audible Gold/Platinum member). So if want to subscribe to the Audible Romance Package and are not an Audible Gold/Platinum member, it might make sense to subscribe to both Kindle Unlimited and Audible Romance Package for a combined total of $16.90. (Basically you get the Audible Romance Package and then Kindle Unlimited for $2, which IS totally worth it.)

Amazon has a deal on Kindle Unlimited this week for Cyber Monday Deals Week. They don’t specify when the sale ends, so check it out soon! You can also check the box to gift a year (or two years!) of Kindle Unlimited to a friend, so think about if this might be a great gift for your favorite book-lover!

12 months for $80.32 (33% discount, regularly $119.88) or
24 months for $143.86 (40% discount, regularly $239.76)

You can also try Kindle Unlimited for a one month free trial (if you’ve never tried it before). The Audible Romance Package also has a free one month trial available, which I just signed up for, so expect a review of that in about a month!

Do you have any bookish subscriptions you participate in? How do you like them? Are they worth it?

One thought on “Kindle Unlimited (Cyber Monday Deals Week Offer!!)

  1. I've found a lot of the random romance/apocalypse titles I'm into are on Kindle unlimited, but I haven't bought it yet.I get all my ebooks from the library, which had a smaller selection.I've read a lot of duds through Kindle too, that tend to be more self published.If I ever have a financial windfall, I would definitely do this.Otherwise, I'll stick with my library.


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