Guest Post: Peekaboo’s Corner: The Ripped Bodice Holiday Bags

Today, I am so pleased to bring you a guest post by my very good friend, whom we shall call Peekaboo. This is the Newsies nickname I gave her back the in the days that I wrote Newsies fanfiction. (Yes, friends, this was a thing. Glory in it, for it is good.) Anyhoo, Peekaboo will be doing a guest post for me on the third Tuesday of each month (a date which we picked totally at random, because why not?) and I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!

 Peekaboo’s Corner

Hey book worms! Peekaboo here, your radical librarian and occasional guest blogger. Pull up a seat, and let me talk at you.

Today’s topic: The Ripped Bodice.

Or more specifically: The awesome holiday bags that The Ripped Bodice are selling.

If you haven’t heard about the Ripped Bodice yet, hold onto your butts, because here’s the skinny: Fabulous sisters, Leah and Bea Koch Kickstarted the first exclusively romance bookshop in the United States that they now run with their rescue dog and adorable mascot, Fitzwilliam Waffles. It’s based out of LA, so too far for me to visit in person, but I want to do everything I can to support them, because it’s a) a business run by kick-ass ladies and b) it supports the romance industry, which is my genre of choice.

So let’s get to the holiday bags. There are two available: the Lizzie Bennet, and the Kitty Bennet.

The Lizzie Bennet comes with: 1 used book (they let you pick the subgenre), 1 pair of fabulous socks, 1 container of tea, and a Fitzwilliam Waffles sticker. Price: $30

The Kitty Bennet comes with : 2 used books (again, you pick the subgenre, they do the rest), 1 thing of nail polish, one necklace, Fitz sticker! Price: $40

I got the Kitty Bennet box.

Mine came with:

·         The Virgin’s Secret – Victoria Alexander
·         The Wyndham Legacy – Catherine Coulter
·         1 bottle of Claws Out vegan nail polish in the Liberty shade (think Statue)
·         1 gold necklace with the 100% emoji in tiny gold
·         1 Adorable Fitz sticker

Was it worth $40?

Debatable. But let me tell you why you should get it anyway, and why I am glad I did.

All of the products are locally made and hand crafted, so you are supporting local businesses. The books are used, which means you are saving trees.

By buying anything from the Ripped Bodice, you are supporting two amazing women who not only stood up for their dreams, but made their lives supporting the romance industry, which already gets pooped on enough, and could use a little more love.


Did I mention it also comes in a really cute hand-crafted drawstring bag?

Screw other people, I got this as a present for myself, and I’m really glad I did. Plus their book choices were surprisingly spot on for me.

Treat yo’self, friends. You’re worth it.

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