Friday Fun: Mermaid Box from Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly Mermaid Box

Today I’d like to talk to you about a fun box I got recently!
I used to subscribe to Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly, back when I had less children and more money. Sadly I’ve since stopped all subscription type services, but when Kal-Elle posted a special Mermaid Box in their shop, I just had to get it!

I was pretty impressed!

The precious… Can you handle the anticipation?!
(I can’t).



This was a really lovely curated box of mermaid goods. Inside was this beautiful print of a mermaid. One thing I always loved about the monthly boxes, each month there’s always a gorgeous watercolor style print. Usually the style is more of a rainbow splattery graffiti look, but I really love this mermaid print.
In addition to the print, the box also included was a pillow cover (just put a pillow of the right size inside!), mermaid print socks, a mermaid tail make-up brush, several items of jewelry, and a mermaid pin.


Here you can see the matching necklace, earrings, bracelet, and hair pins, as well as a mermaid button pin, a ring with bits of shell inside, and the cute makeup brush.


A second necklace says “mermaid” and is shaped like a mermaid tail.


Close-up of those sweet mermaid socks!
Sadly, I don’t see this box listed on Kal-Elle’s shop on Cratejoy any longer. The jewelry isn’t really my style and is a little cheap and costume-y, but I might wear it for some occasion if I go out and want a mermaid feel to an outfit, and I love that it’s a matching set with hair accessories! The pillow case is probably my favorite item from this box. What do people even use those fan-shaped makeup brushes for, anyway?
Well, what do you think of this mermaid box? Are there items you really like? Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes? Do you think they’re worth the price point?

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Mermaid Box from Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly Mermaid Box

  1. I ADORE subscription boxes, but they are always too expensive for me. How much was this one?I did the Book Riot Quarterly box for a while, it was $50 for a quarter, adn came with books and bookish swag, but again, price point too high. If only I made more money…PS. I want to be a mermaid now.


  2. This is beautiful! I just discovered subscription boxes myself and tried a stationery one I loved recently. I might stick with getting one offs for now though — everything is way too expensive when it comes to shipping to australia!


  3. Thanks for the comment Nicole! I also got a one-off from Nerdy Post because their January theme was Disney Villains. Yes please! I'll have to check out Page Habit now, dangit.


  4. Thanks for the comment Verushka. I love stationary – it's so pretty – but I used to just sort of collect it and it just sat there in a pretty box. I never actually USED any of it… Do you? I am lucky enough to live in the US, where three are lots of these types of subscription boxes based so shipping isn't so horrible. I definitely have a new appreciation for people who need to pay for international shipping on top of already kind of pricey boxes!!


  5. This box cost $34.00 + $7.75 shipping. $41.75 was definitely more than I'd have paid for these items if I were browsing in a store, that's for sure! I hate how high the price point is on these curated boxes, but I appreciate that the things inside cost the curator money, plus I'm sure they take a lot of time, thought, planning, and organization for which the curator needs to make a profit.


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