Can’t Wait Wednesday: Anonymous Noise Vol 7 by Ryoko Fukuyama

Time for another episode of Can’t Wait Wednesday, sponsored by Wishful Endings!
The book I can’t wait for this week is actually a comic book! The 7th volume of the manga Anonymous Noise.


Summary: Nino takes the stage at the school festival, ready to deliver the message held fast in her heart. Both Yuzu and Momo have composed songs for her, but which piece of music will be the one to awaken her? Meanwhile, Kuro’s secret feelings seem to have reached a turning point as well… And is In No Hurry finally ready to take things to the next level professionally?
(from Goodreads)


I recently checked out the first 6 volumes from the library and devoured them all in one gulp! I can’t wait to read this next installment and find out what happens next. I’ll likely post a review for volumes 1-6 all in one big review here sometime soonish (because I read them back to back and now couldn’t tell you what happened in which volume to save my own life…) and look forward to sharing Volume 7 with you as well!

How about you? Is there a book (or comic book!) you’re particularly looking forward to right now?

5 thoughts on “Can’t Wait Wednesday: Anonymous Noise Vol 7 by Ryoko Fukuyama

  1. Haha, yes, you do read them \”backwards\” because (most) manga is originally published in Japan, and they edit the text to English for release here, but in Japan they read from right to left so the pictures are still laid out that way! It does take some getting used to (and it feel strange after reading a LOT of manga to switch back to reading \”regular\” books from left to right!)


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