Discussion: PassionFlix & Movies based on romance novels

If you’re a reader of romance novels, you’ve most likely watched an movie adaptation of one of Jane Austen’s novels at some point. Or seen The Notebook. (Because let’s be honest, who hasn’t seen The Notebook?) And maybe you have strong opinions on Colin Firth versus that other guy. (Personally, I’m all about Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon in Sense & Sensibility, thank you very much.) One thing I’m sure we can all agree on is that you can never have too many romance novels – or romance movies.

Have you heard of PassionFlix? The lovely Ariel (aka Peekaboo of my Peekaboo’s Corner regular guest blogger fame) turned me onto this site and I’ll admit, I signed up lickity-split.

According to their website, their mission is turning your favorite romance novels into movies. They’ve also got a small library of commercially produced romance movies you can stream on demand as well, including Jane Austen adaptions of Mansfield Park ala 1999 and that version of Pride & Prejudice with Kiera Knightly; classics like Somewhere in Time, Love Story, and Overboard; and a couple of ’90’s movies like She’s All That and Meet Joe Black.

As far as movies they’ve produced, so far their selection is quite small with four full-length original movies. However, I’ve watched three of the four movies available and LOVED THEM ALL. I also really like that PassionFlix gives you a rating for how steamy each movie is.

The Trouble With Mistletoe
Based on the novel by Jill Shalvis, this movie is the only one based on a book I’ve actually read and what initially drew me to PassionFlix. Funny enough, this was probably my least favorite of the three PassionFlix original movies I’ve watched so far. I’m not sure if that’s “the book was better” syndrome rearing its ugly head, or if this one was legitimately just not as good… Someone else with PassionFlix, tell me if I’m just wrong here? Still, it’s a cute movie that I’d probably like to watch more around Christmas time (rather than in early April when we just got ANOTHER blizzard and I want winter to just END already). I was also bugged by how they portrayed Elle (side character) because I pictured her TOTALLY differently. They did a great job with Willa and Keane, though (main characters). PassionFlix rates this at a 3 for “passion & romance.”
The Matchmaker’s Playbook
I haven’t read this book by Rachel Van Dyken, but watching this movie made me want to go buy it and read it RIGHT NOW. And hey, it’s even on Kindle Unlimited! Bonus! I loved this movie, and there’s lead up at the end for a second movie that PassionFlix plans to produce for the next book in the Wingmen series, The Matchmaker’s Replacement. I’m pretty pumped about the sequel because I loved Lex (side character) in this almost as much as I loved Ian (main character). It’s a little campy with Ian repeatedly breaking the fourth wall, but really cute. I am now a Nick Bateman convert – those eyes, that smile. PassionFlix rates this at a 2 for “mildly titillating.”

Hollywood Dirt
HOLY HANNAH, this movie is HOT. Like, sweltering Georgia summer hot. Based on the book by Alessandra Torre, this isn’t a contemporary romance I’d normally read based on the cover/blurb. I decided to watch this because (1) I was kind of bored and looking for something to watch and (2) I loved Emma Rigby in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and A Cinderella Christmas. I will pretty much watch Emma Rigby in anything, and I’m so glad I watched this! The ending wraps up kind of abruptly, but it’s cute and I love Summer (Emma) all throughout this movie. Also, Bennie (side character) is adorable, Cole (male lead) is adequately hot, and I love the big star in the small town trope. PassionFlix rates this one at a 5 “NSFW” (and for good reason, yowza!)

And I haven’t watched Afterburn Aftershock based on the book by Sylvia Day yet, but after how much I enjoyed the other three originals this one is definitely on my to-watch list.

Their selection so far (including the movies currently in production) seems to be geared towards contemporary romances, but I have my fingers crossed to see some historicals somewhere down the road. I think any of Lenora Bell’s books would make a great movie, as well as most of anything by Julia Quinn. Keep in mind they’re a new site and produced three movies in 2017 and one so far in 2018. The next movie they’re working on is Driven, inspired by the novel by K. Bromberg, due to release summer 2018.

What romance novel would you most want to see made into a movie? What’s your favorite movie based on a romance novel? And do you have any other great places to find romances based on books? Tell me in the comments!!

6 thoughts on “Discussion: PassionFlix & Movies based on romance novels

  1. I’m actually one of the Founding Member Subscribers to Passionflix! We got a good deal before they launched and I signed up! I’ve also seen a all the movies made except for The Matchmaker’s Playbook, which I will have to watch later…Anyway, I wish there were more romance movie adaptions.. and hopefully a historical romance adaptation like Lisa Kleypas or Julia Quinn!


  2. I finally gave in and signed up when I heard they were making a movie of Driven by K Bromberg. I watched the one based on the Colleen Hoover book, Confess, and really liked it. I don't subscribe to Netflix or Hulu because I hate watching tv/movies on my laptop, so that is the main reason I didn't sign up for the founding member. Fun post!Check out my April Discussion Post


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