Discussion: Readathons

Let’s talk about readathons!! In the bookish community, readathons are ways for the bookish community to connect and make the very individual sport of reading into a team event. 🙂

Booktuber Gintare, over at Book Roast created this Harry Potter themed read-a-thon centering around O.W.L’s (Ordinary Wizarding Levels, inspired by Harry Potter) which she named the Magical Readathon! The O.W.L.s Magical Readathon runs from April 2nd through April 29th. You can check it out on Twitter at @magicalreadthn and #owlsmagicalreadathon.

Below are the classes or exams:

  • Ancient Runes (a book with a symbol on the cover)
  • Arithmancy (a book with a number on the cover or in the title)
  • Astronomy (a sci-fi novel)
  • Care of Magical Creatures (a book that includes magical creatures or features a magical creature on the cover)
  • Charms (a fantasy book)
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts (book about/featuring secret societies/clubs)
  • Divination (a book featuring prophecies)
  • Herbology (a book with a nature related work in the title)
  • History of Magic (historical fiction)
  • Muggle Studies (a muggle non-fiction book)
  • Potions (a book about/with alchemy)
  • Transfiguration (a book that deals with transfigurations/shapeshifting or similar theme, or a book with a cat on the cover)

The following grades are awarded for overall OWLs performance:

Pass grades:
Outstanding – sit (and pass) at least 5 OWLs
Exceeds Expectations – sit (and pass) at least 3 OWLs
Acceptable – sit (and pass) at least 2 OWLs
Fail grades:
Poor – si tonly one OWL
Dreadful – start but not finish any OWLs tasks
Troll – do not show up at your OWLs examinations

Here are the OWL exams I am sitting:

  • Arithmancy: It Takes Two to Tumble by Cat Sebastian
  • Astronomy: Shoot the Messenger by Pippa DaCosta (read 4.7)
  • Charms: Torn by Rowenna Miller
  • Herbology: Over Raging Tides by Jennifer Ellision
  • History of Magic: What a Difference a Duke Makes by Lenora Bell (read 4.2)
  • Muggle Studies: The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers by Maxwell King
  • Transfiguration: Born of Air by Sean Michael

Now some of you are probably cursing me out, because this readathon is right up your alley and now there are only 11 days left. WHY DIDN’T I TELL YOU SOONER?! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Here is another upcoming readathon it’s not too late to get in on!

This year’s Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon takes place on April 28th, and is a 24 hour reading blitz where you dedicate 24 hours of your life to reading, reading, reading! (And, y’know, snacks. Because yum.) This year I’m very excited to be doing Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon with friends. We’re hiding away at Ariel’s cabin (whom you may also know from her monthly “Peekaboo’s Corner” guest posts here) and yes, everyone sits in this cabin surrounded by stacks of books and just reads independently. Oh, and everyone brings snacks to share! Snacks are a vital part of Dewey’s, you know. There are also fun mini challenges and reading blitzes on various blogs and social media sites, including a Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon group on Goodreads and the Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon Facebook group.

Now tell me about you! Do you participate in Readathons? Are there recurring ones you love to do? How do you find your readathons?

6 thoughts on “Discussion: Readathons

  1. I'm doing a yearly readathon that I created myself… the Moody Reading Challenge. But I love monthly readathons too… I normally find them through bloggers who are hosting or participating. So thanks for sharing! ❤️


  2. I do some challenges via Goodreads, I'm not sure if that counts as a readathon, I'll be madly reading that's for sure! The one I just signed up for is a Last Person Standing competition, they give you three tasks a week and as long as you do at least one task you're in, if you miss a week you're out. I believe it runs until September 30th and hasn't started yet. (Goodreads group 'Coffee Break – YA/NA/MG') if anyone's interested in it.I have no idea what the tasks will be, I just hope it's fun!Vee @ Under The Mountain


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