Monthly Wrap-Up :: June 2018

2018 Reading Challenge

Books read in June: 37

Books read in 2018: 139/150

Before you go WHOOOOOA, WHAT!? know that I read a LOT of children’s and middlegrade ARCs in June in an attempt to improve my feedback ratio on NetGalley. (With very mixed results, LOL.) You can expect to see postings a few times a month with mini-reviews for 3-4 kids’ books on my blog in the coming months because of this. :p
NEW GOAL: 250 books


Each square represents a book you’ve read this summer, and you fill in the square with the title & author once you’ve met the criteria. To get a bingo you need to get 5 in a row (vertical or horizontal) and for each row you complete you can enter to win prizes at

My progress for June: 7
  • Soccer/Futbol – Always You by Denise Grover Swank
  • Forced Proximity – Like Cats and Dogs by Alexis Stanton
  • Set at Summer Camp – Him by Sarina Bowen
  • Happily Ever After – Wicked and the Wallflower by Sarah MacLean
  • Hero Named Harry – What Happens in London by Julia Quinn
  • Hero Smells Like “MAN” – Only With You by Nicole McLaughlin
  • Birds Are Somehow Involved – Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Total: 7/25


Progress in June: 1
Total Progress: 14/21


hosted by Novel Knight

Progress in June: 0

  • I spent a good among of effort in June doing #rippedbodicebingo and read a lot of library books and bought MORE books to add to book mountain. Not doing go great with this one, haha.

Total Progress: 5/20


Progress in June: 1
  • J: Jinnspeak by 

Total Progress: 21/26

Letters remaining: K, Q, V, X, Z


hosted by The Hufflepuff Basement group on Goodreads
Progress in June: 2

  • Dog/Cat :: Like Cats and Dogs by Alexis Stanton

  • Bicycle :: Only With You by Nicole Mc
    Laughlin (it’s a motorcycle, but I’m COUNTING IT, dangit!)

 Total Progress: 7/24

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