Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2018

2018 Reading Challenge

Books read in July: 12

Books read in 2018: 109/150

I had been tracking the children’s books ARCs I’d been reading all year, and decided I didn’t like counting children’s books in my number of books read. SO! Edited my dates read in Goodreads to get an accurate snapshot of how many middle-grade and above books I’ve read this year. πŸ˜‰


The Ripped Bodice’s 2nd Annual Summer Romance Bingo runs from June 1 to August 31

Each square represents a book you’ve read this summer, and you fill in the square with the title & author once you’ve met the criteria. To get a bingo you need to get 5 in a row (vertical or horizontal) and for each row you complete you can enter to win prizes atΒ

My progress for July: 9

    • Damsel in Distress: Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn (read 7.1)
    • Fairy Tale Retelling: Beast by Lisa Jensen (read 7.13)
    • Queer Historical: A Gentleman Neve
      r Keeps Score (read 7.14)
    • Tech in the Big City: Status Update by Annabeth Albert (read 7.20)
    • Book That is Now A Movie: Matchmaker’s Playbook by Rachel Van Dyken (read 7.22)
    • Heroine’s Eyes are Described Using the Ocean: The Princess Bride (the good parts version) (read 7.24)
    • Fashionista: Born to Be Wilde by Eloisa James (read 7.24)
    • Extreme Location: Duke By Default by Alyssa Cole (read 7.31)
    • Firefighter: Under Control by Shannon Stacey (read/marked DNF 7.31)

    Total: 17/25


    Progress in July: 2
    Total Progress: 16/21


    hosted by Novel Knight

    Progress in June: 0

    • Technically I’ve read a lot of backlist books, just not books from my Book Mountain, which is the special rules I’d set myself. I can still get some of my books I own read… I just need to stop requesting ARCs, ahhhh!

    Total Progress: 5/20


    Progress in July: 0

      Total Progress: 21/26

      Letters remaining: K, Q, V, X, Z


      hosted by The Hufflepuff Basement group on Goodreads

      Progress in July:Β 
      • Water – Born toΒ  Be Wilde by Eloisa James

      Β Total Progress: 8/24

      6 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2018

      1. I don't include picture books in my total for reading either but that's about it – I'll put anything else on there (graphic novels, novellas, etc.) Great job on all you've read so far this year though. That's still a lot!


      2. I LOVE IT! Some of the categories are really hard, though, like \”Carriage Sex\” or \”Here Smells Like MAN\” where you don't know if a book will have it in there until you've actually read that bit.


      3. It DOES feel like cheating!! Plus, I had to keep changing my goal of total books read higher and higher. I don't count them for any of my other challenges, so I decided not to count them as part of my total books read. (Which is a pity, or I'd be DONE with the dang alphabet challenge by now… LOL)


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