Guest Post: Peekeboo’s Corner – New Author Alert! Richard Lloyd Parry

Good evening friends, and welcome back to Peekaboo’s Corner.
This week, we are going to start a new segment that I like to call “New Author Alert.” New to me, anyway. Thanks to my (overwhelming and overstated) love of natural disasters, I picked up “Ghosts of the Tsunami” by Richard Lloyd Parry, and damn, guys, I fell in love.
Our New Author Alert for this week is, you guessed it, nonfiction author, reporter, and world traveler Richard Lloyd Parry.

I won’t be discussing him as a person, because that’s too much effort, and also I don’t really care.
What I do care about is that he wrote a book that punched me in the gut.
The premise of Ghosts of the Tsunami is simple. Parry wrote about the 2011 earthquake, and resulting tsunami, the people it affected, the lengths they had to go to, the horrors they had to endure, and the way the country came away from it. (This is the one that also resulted in a nuclear powerplant meltdown, but Parry doesn’t discuss that as much.)  
This was the first thing I’d read by Parry, but I immediately went to the library and got his other books, and since I was impatient, I began reading them both at the same time.

My thoughts so far:

People Who Eat Darkness – the story of the murder of Lucie Blackman, a British woman living in Tokyo. I have literally never heard of this murder before, but I started it tonight during my dinner break, and I burned through 50 pages real fast. It’s un-put-downable (except for working. Stupid job.)

In The Time Of Madness – This is a deep dive into the events of Indonesia and the fall of General Suharto. I know nothing about this place, or this person, but it’s gripping so far.

Are you into nonfiction? Do you have any recommendations for me? I’ll take all of them.

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