#ARCtober – IT BEGINS! Sign up, rules, prizes, etc. (Open to US and INT)

What it is

#ARCtober is month long reading challenge that runs from October 1st through October 31st. Challenge yourself to clear those ARCs off your TBR. 

How to participate

Sign up!

First and foremost, you need to link-up to your sing-up post in the linky below. Well, you don’t have to, but this is how I’m going to create my registry from which I’ll track participation in the events and tags and pick winners from, so it’s a must if you want to win prizes. 🙂 You can post your sign-up post on your blog, your Facebook page, or even your Twitter account, but it must include
1) Your name & country in the linky “name” field (so I can identify if you’re a US or International winner!) (example: “Elley Otter (USA)” or “Elley @elleyotter (USA)”)
2) Your Twitter handle in your post
3) Your #ARCtober goal (whether it’s books read, pages read, even just organizing and getting a firm handle on what you need to do!) 



Participate in the #ARCtober readathon on the weekend of October 13 – October 14! Make some extra time in your schedule to cozy down with a book. Share your progress updates on Twitter using the hashtag #ARCtoberReadathon for the chance to win prizes. 😉 


I love a good book bingo challenge! Since the challenge is only 1 month long and that’s a LOT of spaces, each book can count for up to THREE squares. So if you read a book that’s a YA Fantasy Romance Fairy tale retelling by a debut author, technically while that would fit 5 of the categories you’d only be allowed to use it for 3 of the squares. (Hey, I can’t make it TOO easy for you…)

You have bingo! when you have 5 vertical in a row, 5 horizontal in a row, or 5 diagonal in a row. If you get a full card blackout that’s an extra bingo! Claim your bingo! by either tweeting a pic of your filled in bingo card and listing your books with the #ARCtober hashtag (don’t forget to tag me @elleyotter so I see it!) or DMing me (again, @elleyotter) to be entered to win prizes.

Tweet about it

During the month of #ARCtober, tweet about your progress with your #ARCtober goals, how your ARC TBR pile is slowly eating your, how for every ARC you clear off you list you somehow manage to get 3 more requests approved… everytime you use the #ARCtober hashtag, you’ll be entered to win prizes.

Okay, okay, I see you there. “You keep talking about these ‘prizes’ – what are they?” you seem to be asking me. I WILL TELL YOU NOW!


1 grand prize international winner (as long as The Book Depository ships to your country free of charge (find that out here!
1 grand prize US winner will win a book of their choice worth up to $20USD

These grand prize winners will be chosen from all the entries from the linky sign-ups, readathon hashtags, bingo entries, and Twitter hashtag entries. 
Once grand prize winners have been chosen, I’ll choose 
3 additional winners (US only, sorry guys) who will get to choose from my collection of physical editions of ARCs. I will choose 1 winner each from the readathon, bingo entries, and Twitter hashtag. 

(Note that the ARCs shown above may change by the end of the month depending on if I can get some friends to donate additional physical ARCs and if I get approved and manage to read through any additional ARCs.)

Post any questions in the comments belo
w, or reach out to me on Twitter at @elleyotter. This is my first time hosting a challenge/readathon and I’m super pumped, guys. 🙂 Now I’m hoping people participate! I’m ready to knock my ARC TBR pile down a few pegs, how about you? 😉

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