Book Review: The Supervillain and Me by Danielle Banas

The Supervillain and Me

Author: Danielle Banas
Publisher: Swoon Reads (July 10, 2018)
Hardcover, 320 pages
Goodreads     |     Amazon

Never trust a guy in spandex.

In Abby Hamilton’s world, superheroes do more than just stop crime and save cats stuck in trees—they also drink milk straight from the carton and hog the television remote. Abby’s older brother moonlights as the famous Red Comet, but without powers of her own, following in his footsteps has never crossed her mind.

That is, until the city’s newest vigilante comes bursting into her life.

After saving Abby from an attempted mugging, Morriston’s fledgling supervillain Iron Phantom convinces her that he’s not as evil as everyone says, and that their city is under a vicious new threat. As Abby follows him deeper into their city’s darkest secrets, she comes to learn that heroes can’t always be trusted, and sometimes it’s the good guys who wear black. 

Rating: 4 stars

This reminded me heavily of Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog but, like, if Disney did a Disney Channel Original Movie version. (Which of course means I loved it, because that’s my jam, haha.) The MC, Abby, is even in a musical called Hall of Horrors. I mean, come on , how perfect is that? OK, mostly this book just made me want to go rewatch Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog for the eleventy-billionth time. Which I may have done after reading it. …Twice.

I love the relationship between Abby and her brother, Connor (aka Red Comet). As much as I was totally shipping Abby and Iron Phantom through the whole thing, I was probably just as emotionally invested in her relationship with her brother as I was in her romantic relationship, which is awesome. Big bro/little sis relationship rep for the win!

I am not a read-ahead type of person. Very rarely do I stress to the point of needing to spoil myself. The identity of who the heck Iron Phantom actually is was K*I*L*L*I*N*G me and I actually flipped ahead to make sure he was who I thought he was, because Daneille Banas is the only supervillain here and had me spinning for a while. -_-

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