Guest Post: Peekaboo’s Corner – KissCon Weekend Affair

Shoutout to Peekaboo for this fabulous guest post on KISSCON – read on for the tea. (Did I use that right? I can’t keep up with these kids and their slang.)

Here’s your skinny on the upcoming KissCon Weekend Affair in Chicago, put on by Avon. What you’re thinking right now is “what the hell is a kiss con, and how can I put my name on the list?”
The answer is this:
Avon Publishing is doing their very first three day romance novel convention. They’ve done day long events before, but this is going to be the big kahuna, and they’re pulling out all the stops.

You have three options for registration:

Butterfly Kiss (Price: $75)
You get in to the convention on Saturday, which means you get access to all the panels and book signings that happen Saturday, as well as access to Saturday Night Sparkles party (vintage and wine themed!)  PLUS you get two complimentary galleys from the publisher.

Sounds frickin’ amazing, right?
But wait! There’s more!

The Smooch (Price: $150)
Friday and Saturday access. So all panels and author signings, plus the Saturday Night Sparkles party, entry into the Friday night author mixer, and FOUR complimentary galleys.

French Kiss (Price: $185)
It’s always fun when there’s some tongue! You get everything seen above, PLUS early entrance to the author signing (beat those lines!), a ticket to the Sunday breakfast, and a commemorative mug, or other swaggity item.

You bet your cute tush this is the one I’m going for. It’s more expensive, but how often do I get to go to something like this. Also, let’s take a look at the guest list, shall we?

Author of The Hating Game and 99 Percent Mine, which Elley and I both vomited 5 stars all over because they were sooooo good!!

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system…
There will be tons of amazing authors, Sarah Maclean, Sonali Dev, Tessa Bailey, Beverly Jenkins, Eloisa James, and so many more! (Click here for the complete and glossy list.)

Not only will they be doing signings all three days, and attending the various parties and events, they will also be on different panels which look frankly amazeballs, such as “From Tame to Flame: Heat Levels in Romance” and “Feminist Friday: Romance edition”.
Yes please. To every single one of these. (Your complimentary link to the schedule resides here.)

All in all, it will be amazing. PLUS you get to hang out with your two favorite bloggers. (Us. I meant us.) Think you’ll go? Let us know! We will definitely have coffee and low-key stalk authors with you.

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