Book Review: The Boyfriend Game by Stella Starling

The Boyfriend Game

Author: Stella Starling
Publisher: ? (July 24, 2018)
Kindle edition, 302 pages (Kindle Unlimited)
Goodreads     |     Amazon

Fake boyfriends for a week? Yes, please. 

Carter Olson never expected he’d get a chance to date his older brother’s best friend, Rip Taylor.
Wished for it? Yes.
Fantasized about it? Possibly too much.
But ever thought it would actually happen? Not in a million years, since Rip is straight. But even if it’s just to try and win a gay game show, having Rip for a boyfriend—even a temporary/pretend one—is still the best thing to happen to Carter in… well, ever.
Especially because Rip’s so good at it.
Amazingly good, actually.
So good that Carter starts to hope that maybe it won’t have to end once the show’s over…

If there are two things Rip Taylor lives for, they’re having fun and being there for his friends, so a trip to Vegas to help surprise his best friend’s girlfriend with a big, flashy proposal sounds awesome. And even more fun? His bestie’s plan to try and win some prize money for the wedding by signing the two of them up as contestants on the The Boyfriend Game.
The game show is sponsored by the gay dating app bLoved, and Rip is all in. He may be straight, but he’s never been narrow, and when circumstances (a.k.a. a best friend who can’t hold his tequila) mean that little Carter Olson gets roped into being Rip’s fake boyfriend instead, that’s almost better… because who wouldn’t be able to be a convincing boyfriend to Carter?
After all, Carter’s hella sweet.
Kind of adorable, actually.
And really, really easy to get into character with…

Winning The Boyfriend Game? Rip and Carter have it in the bag.

The Boyfriend Game is a gay romance novel of approximately 75,000 words that contains some confusion about tops and bottoms, a straight guy who realizes he isn’t, an ice cube that melts much too fast, and the kind of luck that can only be found in Vegas. Every Stella Starling romance takes place in the same interconnected, contemporary world. The Boyfriend Game is a standalone book with cameos from other Stella Starling stories, a #boyfriendsbybLoved spinoff that takes place around the time of the epilogue from Ready For Love (Book One of the Semper Fi series). 

Stars: 1,000. Infinity. All the stars. 

Oh my gosh, this book. *fans self* Where do I even start? First off, I’m a sucker for the best friend’s sibling/sibling’s best friend trope – something about that person being so close to you and knowing them so well but also being forbidden and off-limits. Rawr. Plus it’s adorable that Carter has had a crush on Rip for basically forever. Double plus, Carter himself is just totally adorable (and Rip would totally back me up on this). This entire book just had me grinning this big, stupid, doofy grin the whole way through. And making little Cartler-like “eep!” noises every now and then, when I wasn’t making weird fangirl squeals. I’m pretty sure my husband asked me more than once what the heck was wrong with me, haha. 

There are several truly GREAT moments in this book, which I want to fangirl and gush about, but also don’t want to spoil it… So I will just say, like Rip does when they’re on air and he can’t let the cat out of the bag, Grease. Moments like that, where Rip and Carter have this barely any words connection and say SO MUCH without hardly saying anything at all, are just magic . And of course there’s your requisite drama and misunderstandings – especially because what would a romance with a fake relationship trope be without at least one party worrying about whether the other person is putting on an act or really feeling things for them be? – but I just love this book and I want to marry it. MORE CARTER AND MORE RIP ALL THE TIME RIGHT NOW. Like, I need the reality show they’re on in the book to be real so I can get on their fan page and squee about them there. 

In summary, please read this book and then hop into my DMs so we can squee about how great it is together. Thank you and goodnight.

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