Discussion: 2019 Reading Challenges

I can’t believe 2018 is almost over – where the heck did the year go? Of course with the end of the year approaching, sign ups for 2019 reading challenges are popping up all over the place. I feel like I over committed myself in 2018 and thus didn’t quite do as great as I could have on any of the challenges, so I’m going to be more selective for 2019 and just commit to THREE challenges – two reading challenges and one blogging one.


There is, of course, the obligatory Goodreads challenge. For 2019 I’m setting mine at 150 books and LEAVING IT THERE, DANGIT. This year I hit my goal early and increased it, and while I’m probably on track to still hit my increased goal of 175 by the end of the year, I’m going to set it and forget it at 150. That’s plenty of books, me! That’s actually a really high goal, but I’m going to need it that high to reach the goal for my next challenge, which is…

Beat the Backlist

I did NOT do well at all on this one this year, but I’d also set myself a really weirdly specific set of side rules, specifically I was going to try to use this challenge to defeat my book mountain (which I know now is 411 physical books living in my bedroom…) This year I’m going to do the Beat the Backlist challenge as written and count all books published 2018 and earlier, so it will include my physical book mountain as well as that giant backlog of ARCs I need to conquer (which I’ve come to think of as digital book mountain…) and trying to cram as many Kindle Unlimited books in as a I can before my membership runs out at the end of February! I am going to smash this one out of the park this year, and I’m setting my goal at a whopping 100 books! (I’ll do a separate blog post later with at least a partial TBR, but it’s not going to have ALL of the books I have because my pool will have 65+ egalleys, over 400 physical books, plus a heckuva lot of KU books…)

If you’re interested in this one, sign ups are open here.

Discussion Challenge

(hosted by Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction and Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight) I really enjoyed participating in the 2018 Discussion Challenge this year (#LetsDiscuss2018, even though I forgot to use the hashtag literally EVERY TIME I share a post…) and I think it pushed me to grow as a blogger beyond just posting book reviews, blog tours, and cover reveals. I don’t see an official sign up open yet, but considering it looks like Nicole and Shannon have been hosting this challenge for a few years I’m hopeful that it’ll be going on again in 2019, and I’m looking forward to participating again in 2019. ♥

Of course, I’ll sign up for shorter challenges and readathons as they come up, but there are going to be the big year long ones I sign up for, and I am CUTTING MYSELF OFF AT THESE THREE, DANGIT.

Do you do official reading challenges? Which ones are you signing up for? And HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?!

12 thoughts on “Discussion: 2019 Reading Challenges

  1. How does one participate in this Let's discuss challenge? I would like to do that too please! Also I think I will do those three challenges too. And probably set my reading goal at 125, because I know I can reach it, and I'll feel better about it.


  2. That's kind of how it was with BTB for me this year, haha! I'm so behind on ARCs that I literally have 50 of them that will count for BTB next year, sooooo… that's… good, but also bad, LMAO.


  3. Every year I claim I will do Beat the Backlist, and then I fail miserably. Obvious, I will try again in 2019. I will also continue the commenting challenge. I like Monthly Motif, AtoZ, and 50 states. Still hunting for others.


  4. At time like these, I like to recite cliches to myself and pretend they make me feel better.\”Nothing ventured, nothing gained.\”\”Shoot for the moon; even if you miss you'll land among the stars.\”LOL


  5. AHHHH! I WAS GOING TO TRY HARDER TO USE THE TAG ALL DECEMBER AND I DIDN'T USE IT AT ALL. /headdesk2019… 2019 will be the year of ALL THE HASHTAGS, dangit. But it does make me feel better that you forget to use it, and it's YOUR challenge. (Thanks for making the best challenge ever, btw. You rock.)


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