Monthly Wrap-Up :: November 2018

2018 Reading Challenge

Books read in November: 15

Books read in 2018: 170/175

And now I’m kind of going “Whyyyy did I increase my challenge goal from 150 to 175 again? I could be DONE right now!” hahahahahahahhahaha arrrrghhhh *flumph*


Progress in November: 3
Total Progress: 26/31 

So in October I hit my old goal of 21 for the rank of “Chatty Kathy” and subsequently set the bar at the next rank of 31 for “Terrificially Talkative.” There’s pretty much no way I’m going to do 5 discussion posts in December, but you never know! Maybe I will think of some great things that I just MUST discuss!!


hosted by Novel Knight
Progress in November??

Total Progress: I’ve pretty much given up on this one for 2018, and am coming back with renewed vigot in 2019. If you’ve followed my blog in the past week, I’m limited my challenged in 2019 to ONLY the Beat the Backlist challenge, the Discussion challenge, and the Goodreads challenge. I’m also not doing all the weird limitations I set myself on the BTB challenge in 2018 to make this super hard. (Basically I was trying to clear out my physical TBR pile, and it backfired spectacularly.)


Progress in November: 0

    Total Progress: 23/26

    Letters remaining: Q, X, Z (The hard ones!) Unless one of the holiday romances I plan to glut myself on in December magically happens to start with one of these remaining letters, I’m going to end up at 23 total… which will still put me at the top rank of DRAGON, mwahahaha!

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