Book Review: Hot Single Dad by Claire Kingsley

Hot Single Dad

Author: Claire Kingsley
Series: Book Boyfriends, book 3
Publisher: ?? (November 2, 2017)
eBook, 268 pages
Goodreads     Amazon (available on Kindle Unlimited)

Reasons I need to stop fantasizing about Linnea:

1. She’s too young for me.

2. She’s my daughter’s nanny.

I could stop there, couldn’t I? I’m already a cliché. The single dad who’s hot for the nanny. But it gets worse.

3. She’s my sister-in-law.

My wife died when our daughter was a baby, and Linnea was just a quiet teenager. I barely knew her. When my in-laws insist she move to Seattle to be my live-in nanny—after a string of caregivers who didn’t work out—I reluctantly agree. 

I wasn’t counting on the smoking hot blonde with sinful curves, kissable lips, and shy smile. 

Linnea is perfect for my daughter—fun, patient, and kind. She might be perfect for me too, but I can’t think that way. She needs to live her own life, not be saddled with my insta-family.

Being around her is a special kind of torture, but I have to keep this infatuation to myself. I can’t fall for my daughter’s nanny.

But it might be too late.

Rating: 3 stars
I don’t really care for the single parent trope, or the May/December (age difference) romances, but the Book Boyfriends series has me in so deep I couldn’t not read this third and final book in the series despite it being about some of my least favorite tropes. That being said, this was my least favorite in the series – which had a lot to do with the aforementioned least fave tropes. So if the single dad and the nanny and/or age gap romances and/or forbidden love tropes are your thing – this just might be the book for you!

This is the third book in the Book Boyfriends series, and while it can be read as a stand alone, there are some spoilers for the first two books in this one. I think you’ll also appreciate some turnabout is fair play type of circumstances (like Weston giving Caleb some much-needed advice) that you’d only really get if you’ve read the earlier books in the series. Caleb’s siblings and their significant others make a fair amount of side character time in this one as well, and if you haven’t read the earlier books in the series they might seem pretty… weird. THEY ARE SO LOVABLE, I PROMISE. I highly recommend reading Book Boyfriendand Cocky Roommate before reading this one. There’s also a follow-up novella, her Best Friend, about Charlotte and Noah, which I haven’t quite decided yet if I’ll read.

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