Project Re-shelf Yourself – Kissing Books

So I’m still plugging away on Project Re-Shelf Yourself, where I’m trying to organize the utter chaos that is my bookcases. I’ve got Annie and Ari coming to help me on Sunday, March 24th to help, and I really need to figure out how I want everything organized by then!

You can see what I’m working with in this post: Project Re-Shelf Yourself – Show Me Your #Shelfie
We also talked about methods of organization and unhauling books back in January.

Today I want to talk about organizing romance – specifically, do you organize your romance into subgenres? I think romance is by far and away what I’ve got the most of on my TBR shelves. I tend to hang on to less of these when I’m finished reading them than I do for sci-fi/fantasy though – maybe because I don’t do rereads of romance as often because there are SO MANY NEW ONES, ALL THE TIME? In unhauling I am trying to keep just the romances I really loved and know I will want to reread or rec to people (by physically flinging the book at their heads…)

Still, I have a LOT of romances in my TBR. Like, we’re talking hundreds. x.X (It’s not hoarding if it’s books!) Right now I’m kind of thinking of separating them into subgenres and then shelving by author, but which subgenres?! Historical vs Contemporary is an easy one, but what about paranormal romances? Or fantasy romance? I have a lot fewer of these two subgenres, and since they both have an element of the fantastic do I just lump them together? Or put the paranormal romances with the other contemporaries, because they’re sort of contemporary romance with a twist?

I can’t be the only one that organizes my books by genre… How else might I sort these? I want to make it easy to find something to read when I go browse my shelves. (Well, as easy as possible when there are hundreds of books…) 
Do you organize your books by genre? What about subgenres? Or is there a better way? Teach me your ways! (Bonus points if it’s romance!)

2 thoughts on “Project Re-shelf Yourself – Kissing Books

  1. Unfortunately, I am of no help here because I don't organize by genre. My shelves are either done by color or by a general sense of when I want to get to them (really scientific, I know). I think it makes sense to organize by sub-genre though. Maybe put paranormal between contemporary and fantasy? It sort of bridges the gap, right? :-)Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


  2. I have really broad categories for my books. I do YA fiction, adult fiction, classics/collectible editions, and nonfiction. All of these are organized by author’s last name, except for the classics. I have several “sets” of classics I’m working on completing, so I keep all the sets together regardless of author.

    That was probably not helpful at all, haha! But really, as far as fiction goes, for me the absolute best way to make sure I can find my books is by author. *shrug*


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