Book Review: The Red-Hot Cajun by Sandra Hill

the red hot cajunThe Red-Hot Cajun

Author: Sandra Hill
Series: Cajun, book 4
Publisher: Forever (January 29, 2019; first published 2004)
Mass Market Paperback, 319 pages
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When enemies become lovers, you know you’re in for a scorching hot read!

René LeDeux’s burned out by D.C. politics and only wants to build his cabin in peace. But if his wacky, matchmaking great-aunt has her way, Bayou Black’s prodigal son will be hitched before the summer’s over. And when Valerie “Ice” Breaux, René’s high school crush turned nemesis, is abducted by René’s activist friends, it starts to look like Tante Lulu just may get her wish.

Mon Dieu! It’s bad enough being kidnapped, but did she have to land in the lap of the most irritating, sexiest hunk she’s ever laid her eyes on? Now Val’s stranded in René’s remote cabin, besieged by irrepressible LeDeux relations, not to mention a dingbat duo out to save the swamp.

It’s a heat wave, guar-an-teed! Val vows she’ll give her heart to the Cajun bad boy when alligators fly. René swears to get the girl who got away. It’s never been steamier in the bayou than with two people this red-hot with desire…and more than ready for love.


Rating: 3 stars

This book has a great premise and is such a great rom-com set-up. I just don’t really connect with Sandra Hill’s writing style. There’s a lot of internal dialogue on the part of both main characters – and I meana lot – and it really jerks me out of the flow of the story. I did, however, love that they both seemed to be hearing the voice of St. Jude as a sort of Jiminy Cricket of love. Weirdly, St. Jude might have been one of my favorite characters in this story… haha!

I really like the male lead, René. He’s so passionate about the things he loves, and who doesn’t love a hot accordion player? Rawr. Val is also a really interesting character, and I love the many facets they both have to their personalities and their complex relationships with their families. And then there is Tante Lulu. I love when romances have that eccentric older lady character that has zero filter and is just a wacky breath of fresh air. That’s Tante Lulu in a nutshell, and she is by far and away my absolute favorite thing about The Red-Hot Cajun.

This is the fourth book in the Cajun series, but can be read as a stand alone. I didn’t notice any blatant spoilers for the first three book in the series (which I haven’t read.)

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review. All opinions are unbiased and my own.

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