Review: Halloween Boo by Sarah Spade

hbHalloween Boo

Author: Sarah Spade
Series: Holiday Hunk, book 1
Publisher: Independent (October 17, 2018)
Kindle edition, 111 pages
Romance, contemporary romance, Halloween romance
Goodreads     |     Amazon (Kindle Unlimited)

A ghost falling in love with a mortal? It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus…

So, I think my apartment is haunted.
No. Really.
Spooky things have been happening to me ever since I moved in last year. At first, I ignored them. Later, I got used to the idea that I shared my place with a ghost. I even called him Casper. We got along just fine.
Until a sexy hunk showed up the night before Halloween and told me that his name wasn’t Casper–it was Zack. And that, on All Hallow’s Eve, certain ghosts sometimes have the power to cross over into the human world. Which he did, because he loves me.
Okay then.

I’m in love.
The only problem?
She’s alive. And me?
I’m kinda not.
At least, I’m not on every day except for October 31st. Because on Halloween? Anything goes.
I want Dani. And even if it’s only for the one night when ghosts can cross over to the living world, I’ll take what I can get. Because I love a mortal, and it’s not just hocus pocus.
Dani Williams doesn’t believe in ghosts. But this Halloween, after a year of watching over and falling in love with his mortal houseguest, Zack Banks is ready to prove that this particular ghost might just believe in her.
This sweet Halloween treat is chock full of insta-love, over-the-top Halloween magic, and enough Hocus Pocus nods to make you cackle like a sexy witch in between moaning for more. A Sarah Spade HEA guaranteed!

halloween pumpkin

Rating: 4.5 stars

This is a must read for anyone who loves the movie Hocus Pocus and sensed potential for romance between little sister Dani and dear departed Thackery Binks. It’s short and sweet and like eating a fistful of candy corn.

Dani is a cute mess, and Zack is just an adorable cinnamon roll. There are so many elements in this book that draw on both Hocus Pocus and also Casper (whatever happened to Devon Sawa, anyway?) and it’s like Sarah Spade took my crushed hopes of romance from both of those movies and went “Here! Here are all your Halloween dreams, wrapped up in a nice little HEA bow!”

Don’t be afraid of this ghost romance, it DOES have an HEA. …Why are you still here? Go read it!!

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