Reader/Blog Tracking for 2020 with Reader Voracious’ AMAZING spreadsheet

Well, it’s getting to be about that time. I have a lot of stuff I wish I’d done better this year, but I’m not dwelling on that – I’m looking ahead to a new year!

One thing I found invaluable with book tracking this year was the Book Blogger / Reader Spreadsheet Template by Reader Voracious. She’s already got the NEW AND IMPROVED template for 2020 up on her blog. This year I only used the reader tracking pieces, but next year I’m looking to focus a bit more on my blog and utilize those metrics as well. πŸ™‚

A few notes: As it currently stands, I think there are a few errors in the 2020 template. There were a couple of things I tweaked in 2019 because they didn’t seem to be working quite right, and there seem to be a few similar quirks in the 2020 file as well. Kal is SUPER AMAZING and I can’t believe the genius involved in setting this whole thing up, and I am in no way, shape, or form intending to offend or malign her work. I couldn’t even begin to put something like this template together. Much like books and articles need a spell checker to catch small typos, I think there a few fixes that need to be made to fully utilize this template.

On the 2020 Bookish Stats tab, for the Month | # of Books table I think there’s an error in the # formula. For January it should be =COUNTIF(‘2020 Reads’!C3:C, “>=01/01/2020”)COUNTIF(‘2020 Reads’!C3:C, “>=02/01/2020”) — so it’s missing the = in that last COUNTIF date at the very end. As written in the template, it will count books read on the first of the month in both that month and the previous month. I just went through and added an = between the > and the next month’s date (so old version ends with “>02/01/2020”) in January, edited it shows “>=02/01/2020”); February edited shows “>=03/01/2020”) etc.)

Another area I edited was on the Raw Data tab, cell C8 reads as =COUNTIF(‘2020 Reads’!I3:I,“<2019”). This needs to be edited to end with either “<=2019”) or “<2020”), otherwise books tagged as being published in 2020 won’t show in either the New or Backlist column.Β 

I won’t use the Owned Books or the Hauls tabs, and last year I didn’t use any of the blog tracking functionality but I plan to dig into that some more this year. I’ve already loaded in my ARC with 2020 publishing dates (and am already overwhelmed, lol).Β What do you use for your reader/blog tracking?


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