#SapphicSeptember Link Round-up

I’m not seeing a ton of links to blogs, booktube, etc. I’m seeing lots of progress threads on Twitter, but not really any recommendation threads – and there’s so much activity using the tag (because I am NOT original, haha) that folks are going to need to tag me (@elleyotter) if you tweet something you think should count to be part of my giveaway.

Don’t forget to send me your bingo cards to enter the bingo prize drawing! You can either send when you complete a bingo, or send once at the end of September and I’ll count each bingo as an entry. I’ve gotten a few entries in for this so far, and I’m so excited to send someone a pin from FoxFlight Studios!


Check out this list of Sapphic Books Releasing in 2021 over on Sasha and Amber Read.

Drool over this thread of amazing sapphic books as gorgeous dresses by Teuta Matoshi posted by @nickicmoon (she includes information on each book and you can find books for some of the bingo prompts in the thread!)

That’s about all I’ve got this week. If you’ve got some #SapphicSeptember content you’d like me to link up here (and enter for the drawing for participation!), tag me with the link on Twitter, or post it in the comments below!

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