Book Review: Wild Rain by Beverly Jenkins

Wild Rain

Author: Beverly Jenkins
Series: Women Who Dare, book 2
Publisher: Avon (February 9, 2021)
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Romance, Adult Romance, Historical Romance


A reporter has come to Wyoming to do a story on doctors for his Black newspaper back east. He thinks Colton Lee will be an interesting subject…until he meets Colton’s sister, Spring. She runs her own ranch, wears denim pants instead of dresses, and is the most fascinating woman he’s ever met.

But Spring, who has overcome a raucous and scandalous past, isn’t looking for, nor does she want, love. As their attraction grows, will their differences come between them or unite them for an everlasting love?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book drew me in from page one, when Spring Lee finds Garret McCray struggling through a blizzard and rescues him. I don’t typically read American-set historical novels, but I’m discovering a love for these ones set in the western frontier. Wild Rain takes place in the years following the Civil War and is set in Wyoming territory.

Spring is a bad-ass horse rancher who’s a loner and a bit of a grump. I laughed every single time she threatened to feed Garrett to a bear if he pissed her off!

I saw somewhere that this is Ms. Bev’s first “cinnamon roll” hero, and WOW, did she knock that right out of the park. I adore Garrett, he’s just so quietly sweet and caring, showing Spring a respect and care that she doesn’t need (and doesn’t want, haha) but in a way that’s not pushy or overbearing. He can make me breakfast (and do the dishes! a unicorn!) any day. The dynamic between Garrett and Spring is just so great, and I love their chemistry. I feel like I also learn a lot every time a read one of Ms. Bev’s books – they’re so well-researched and she just slips information in there in ways that seem so natural, whether it’s Garrett explaining sundowner papers to Spring or her talking about the difference between breeding horses and breaking wild horses.

Wild Rain is the second book in the Women Who Dare series and the fourth book in the Old West series. This book can be read as a stand alone, though it does reference Spring’s brother Colton and his wife Regan’s story, which is book 3 in that series (Tempest) – and you’d better believe I immediately went and bought that!

A digital ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review. All opinions are unbiased and my own.

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