General Nerdery: Intuitively Chosen Crystals

I ordered a set of 7-8 intuitively chosen raw crystals from GoddessMoonJewelry19 on Etsy and wanted to squee about it here! It also came with an Angel card reading, and I’ve never had a stranger to a reading for me, so that was really neat. (Here’s the listing, in case you want to check it out!)

I placed the order and Kenji with Goddess Moon Jewelry reached out almost immediately to let me know it was received and then I also received my order a lot faster than promised – which is always great!

Here are the crystals that were included. (Click to advance through the slides.)

It came with 8 crystals, and they’re all pretty decently sized. (I’ve seen some reviews for crystals sets where they crystals folks receive are SO small – not the case here, thank goodness). Some were more lovely than others, but I was able to find a “pretty side” for each of them for display, haha. They’re all raw crystals, and each stone comes with a card that describes the energy/purpose of the stone.

Kenji also sent a free mojo bag, to help release stress and worry and with healing the heart. Mine contains lavender, a little piece of blue calcite, amaranth flowers, and calendula petals. It smells and looks absolutely lovely.

I have several other friends who ordered the same intuitively chosen crystal sets around the same time as I did. A few of us even placed our orders the same day I think! Those of us who ordered very close together all seem to have gotten the same mojo bag, but a friend who ordered about a week earlier and another who ordered about a week later both got different bags.

For the angel reading, I didn’t have any strong feelings either way on it. Three of my friends who got their orders before mine came had VERY strong and deep reactions to their reading, but they’re also all going through some MAJOR things right now. I’m just sort of trucking along, so when my card came and basically was just centered around abundance, I was like “um, okay.” “You have a lot of beautiful things coming to you this year, and your guides and angels confirmed this for me twice,” the card says. There’s then a breakdown of of some additional angel card messages – mine were “Waves of Prosperity,” “Blessed Change,” and “Synchronicity” – and a breakdown of what each card’s message means. Mine were a lot about being open to abundance in all forms coming my way and watching for signs and manifesting desires and wishes.

Overall I’m really happy with this package, and I went ahead and ordered the Create Your Own Crystal Set (ten stones) from them! This time I chose the crystals, so I could get a few of the ones I feel like I vibe with. I chose fire quartz, citrine, green fluorite, honey calcite, aquamarine, green opal, pink halite, orange calcite, smokey quartz, and apatite. I asked if they had hematite and Kenji said they only have polished hematite, and offered to include it as a bonus gift for me with my other crystals. That’s so sweet! I’ll be sure to post about this next crystal order once it comes, and I also placed an order with another shop so I’ll let y’all know how that goes as well.

Are you into crystals? Where do you buy yours from? I can’t wait until things open back up again and I can hunt down some stores or events with crystal sales so I can go pick some out in person!

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