#TTT: Funny Book Titles

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by the lovely Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl. Check out the Top Ten Tuesday post for a full list of prompts!

This week’s prompt is:

Funny Book Titles

Look, when it comes to funny book titles, hands down nothing beats the wackiness that some of these cozy mystery writers come up with. I don’t know what it is with cozy mystery writers and puns, but they just slay me! The covers tend to be super cute, too. I always mean to try reading more cozy mysteries… My mom used to be a huge romance reader and now she reads mostly cozies, maybe I’ll be her when I grow up, haha. And now, on to some wacky examples!

What are some funny book titles you’ve got on your radar? And what makes a title “funny” to you? Clearly I’m into puns, haha! Let me know in the comments, or link me to your post!

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