Discussion: Summer Beach Reads

Since it’s summer I figure it’s pretty much the ideal time to talk about beach reads.

For me, beach reads are books you can relax with on the beach or by the pool; books that are light and witty and bright. Contemporary romances (especially romantic comedies) are the perfect beach reads for me. I don’t want anything heavy that’s going to have me super emotionally invested, or sitting on the edge of my seat worrying about what’s going to happen next. The perfect beach read is something you can get invested in but still be fine putting down when it’s time to go splash in the water. And no, they don’t need to be set at the beach (though summer and vacation themes *are* fun!) They do tend to be somewhat shorter (no Game of Thrones books here!) and mass market paperbacks are perfect for slipping into your purse or beach bag and taking with you on-the-go (sorry, hardcover new releases – not today!) Thrillers also work well for this purpose. Again, these are my own personal opinions on what I consider to be a beach read.

Here are some great books that I consider excellent beach reads:

And because what fun is the beach without a book to make you terrified to go into the water…:

Do you think “beach reads” are a thing? What type of book is a “beach read” to you? Recommend a great beach read in the comments!!

13 thoughts on “Discussion: Summer Beach Reads

  1. Also, completely random side note – I just requested your friendship on Goodreads and read your bio and I just wanted to say that it DRIVES ME CRAZY when people use \”literally\” incorrectly. Seriously. I know people are just trying to emphasize what they're saying or whatever, but it's just not right!!! Lol.


  2. When I think of summer, I go straight to light and breezy, and that pretty much describes the contemporary romances I love so much. Attachment is my favorite Rainbow Rowell book of all-time. Loved it! The Hating Game and A Princess in Theory were both really fun too.


  3. Re: \”Literally\” I KNOW, RIGHT?! It LITERALLY makes me so mad. It does NOT literally make me so crazy or see red, but it does FIGURATIVELY make me so crazy. ;)And Into the Drowning Deep is SO AMAZING, you're probably OK going in the water as long as you're not out at the Mariana Trench. …For now… 😉


  4. That is why I love my Kindle Oasis – waterproof! I don't really go to the beach, but I like to read while floating in the pool. Now it doesn't matter if I drop my book in! MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHA Next I will take over the world! ….Or no, I'll probably just float and read in the pool.


  5. Oh see, I'm all about the fluff. I read angsty romances once in a while, but I much prefer the rom coms. I cry easily at books, and I don't want to me sitting there by the water snarfling back tears. ;P


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