Book Review: Undue Influence by Jenny Holiday

Undue Influence

Author: Jenny Holiday
Publisher: Jenny Holiday (September 4, 2018)
Kindle, 230 pages
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Second chances only come around once.

Eight years ago, Adam Elliot made the biggest mistake of his life. Now that mistake is coming back to haunt him. His family’s beloved vineyard has gone into foreclosure, and the new owner is the sister of the only man he’s ever loved—the man he dumped under pressure from family and friends who thought the match was beneath him.
When Freddy Wentworth, aka the bad boy of Bishop’s Glen, left town with a broken heart, he vowed never to return. But a recently widowed friend needs his help, so here he is. He’s a rich and famous celebrity chef now, though, so everyone can just eff right off.
But some things are easier said than done. Despite their attempts to resist each other, old love rekindles—and old wounds reopen. If they want to make things work the second time around, they’ll have to learn to set aside their pride—and prejudice.
This modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion is a standalone novel that can be enjoyed by Austen-philes and by those allergic to the nineteenth century.

Rating: 5 stars

I adored this book. ADORED. I watched the 2007 movie version ofPersuasion recently (though I’m ashamed to say I haven’t actually read the book by Jane Austen yet… SOON!) and I loved the ways in whichUndue Influence ties into the original while still maintaining its originality. Just small things, like Ben Captain as the modern version of Captain Benwick and Rusty/Lady Merlot as Lady Russell’s character, were just lovely touches. Reading Undue Influence made me both want to read Persuasion and also to IMMEDIATELY REREAD UNDUE INFLUENCE.

Adam is adorable and I want to keep him in my pocket. He is so mild-mannered and quiet, but then has such a deep appreciation for the truly beautiful, and very much is like Anne of the original novel. I loved Freddy’s character and I feel like getting his viewpoint added such a wonderful depth and complexity to the story. Their interactions together are so sweet and then so heartbreaking. I really appreciated the texts between the two servings rather like letters in Austen’s novels as well. I know Jenny Holiday had expressed at some point or other that Undue Influence doesn’t really fit into her normal wheelhouse, but DARN, am I glad she wrote it, because I love it SO DEEPLY. Undue Influence is my favorite Jane Austen retelling by far. Also, Mr. Collins. ❤ ❤ ❤ With this latest book, Jenny Holiday is officially my favorite contemporary romance author. (Also, thank you for the signature grilled cheese scene.)

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