December Wrap Up & 2018 My Year In Books

2018 Reading Challenge

Books read in December: 18

I managed to smash my goal out of the park, woo! I’m setting my goal for 2019 significantly lower (at 100 books) because I’m focusing on getting through a lot of thicker and slower reads (like the classics and some weightier epic fantasy novels that have been gathering dust on my shelves), rather than flitting through so many shorter reads (like manga and novellas…) 


Progress in December: 6
Total Progress: 32/31 

HEY I DID IT! 32 discussion posts just tips me over into the “Terrifically Talkative” Rank, huzzah!


hosted by Novel Knight

Yeah, so I’m going to knuckle down on this one in 2019, so stay tuned for that… 


Progress in December: 0 

    Total Progress: 23/26

    Final rank: 

    2 thoughts on “December Wrap Up & 2018 My Year In Books

    1. Way to surpass some of your goals. *applause, applause* I also was stuck at 23/26 with the AtoZ challenge. I was sad about that, but I think I will get those pesky letters out of the way early this year.


    2. I'm not going for the AtoZ challenge this year as I'm trying to go for LESS challenges (though I keep adding \”just one more\” … oy vey). Good luck knocking out those last 3 FIRST this year!!


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