Book Review: Learning Curve by N.R. Walker (Franklin U #6)

Learning Curve

Author: N.R. Walker
Series: Franklin U, book 6
Publisher: Independent (September 29, 2022)
Kindle edition, 246 pages
Romance, New Adult Contemporary Romance


Cobey Green
There I was, moving into the dorms at Franklin U, and not into the shared party house I’d lived in my freshman year. Last year had been all about football and parties, not schoolwork. Which was why my grades tanked, and why I was one failed class away from being kicked off the team.
Why I needed to live on campus, and find myself a tutor.
Funny that my new roommate just happened to be a tutor. Funny that he was oblivious to how hot he is. For a smart guy, he was pretty clueless. Maybe I could tutor him in how to be more outgoing in exchange for help with calculus? I could teach him how to talk to people, how to make new friends. Hell, maybe I could even help him punch his V card.
Actually, now that I thought about it… that was a really good idea.

Vincent Brandt
And there I was, happy to be back at college, happy to be where I was most comfortable. Happy to be starting another school year, happy to start tutoring again so I could earn some money.
And yes, there I was, equal parts excited and dreading to see who my new roommate would be… Until Cobey Green’s smiling face appeared at the door. A huge football player, loved by everyone, gorgeous, rich, and out of the closet.
Everything I was not.
It didn’t help that he was genuinely a really nice guy. It didn’t help that I could make him laugh, and we could talk so easily, and it certainly didn’t help that we started having private tutorials which ended up way more private than I’d ever dared imagine.
I’d ranked top of my class in every subject since the first grade yet there I was falling stupidly in love with him.

This was going to be a hell of a year. And one very steep learning curve for both of us. 


Rating: 5 out of 5.

AHHHHHH this was everything I wanted it to be AND THEN SOME. *dreamy sigh*

I loved this book so hard, I don’t even know where to start with reviewing it. I love a good opposites attract romance, especially when it’s a jock/nerd trope. Add in that they’re roommates, Vincent is a total genius but sort of fails at people-ing, and Cobey is a giant cinnamon roll, and you’ve got two hundred and something pages of PURE MAGIC.

The chemistry between Vincent and Cobey is so great. I love Cobey’s weight-lifting metaphor, it had me laughing my ass off. They’re both so different and yet fit together perfectly, like two puzzle pieces. While there are plenty of hot moments in this book, the overall vibe is more pining, romance, cuddles, and punching someone in the face to defend your boyfriend. And the way Cobey and Vincent are so real and honest with each other, and work to have healthy communication (GASP!) was just really refreshing to read in a romance. Not once did I say “If they would just TALK TO EACH OTHER this would not be a problem aaaaaghhhhhh” and throw the book. (Yes, this is something I seem to often yell at romance novels – who knew?)

This was the first book I’ve read by N.R. Walker, but you’d better believe I went and marked half of her backlist as to read!

This is the sixth book in the Franklin U series. The FUKings books are all standalones set in the same universe and each written by a different author. As the blurb in the front matter says, “You don’t need to read the other to enjoy this one (though you should, because they’re awesome).” Can confirm 10/10 are awesome.

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