Book Review: Cheshire in Heartsland by Ariella Zoelle

Cheshire in Heartsland

Author: Ariella Zoelle
Series: Wonderland Ever After, book 2
Publisher: Independent (December 27, 2022)
Kindle edition, 171 pages
Romance, Adult Fantasy M/M Romance


Cheshire is determined to convince King Rei to give them a second chance at happily ever after. But what if the only way to do that is for the cat shifter to team up with his enemy? 

I could sulk about King Rei choosing his duty to his kingdom over our relationship, but it’s way more fun to get payback by stealing his crowns. Of course, my favorite form of revenge is tempting my fated mate with what he could have if only he wasn’t so stubborn. 

We’ve been playing our will-they-won’t-they game since he took the throne, but the stakes change when a rival prince arrives in Wonderland to try wooing away my beloved. As a master of mayhem and mischief, I’m prepared to chase off the unwanted interloper by any means necessary.

But I quickly discover that the little princeling isn’t what he seems. And what’s more ingenious than working with my enemy to catch Rei by surprise? After all, I said I’d do absolutely anything to win him back.

Will my efforts finally motivate Rei to let me claim him as my mate?

Cheshire in Heartsland is the second book in the Wonderland Ever After series. This sweet-with-heat MM paranormal fantasy romance features affectionate shifters, fated mates, second chances, and a royal gay romance. Escape into this Wonderland full of whimsy, where everyone gets a HEA without cliffhangers. Each book can be read as a standalone but is best enjoyed in order.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

FINALLY, Cheshire and Rei (the King of Hearts)’s story!! I fell in love with that scamp Cheshire in the first book, and my heart just broke for his situation with Rei. And then I fell in love with Prince Renner and his kind sweetness just as fast as Cheshire did, haha. I felt like we really get to know Rei better in this book. There’s a scene where he’s in disguise (I won’t say more than that because no spoilers) and OMG, I laughed so hard haha.

I had suspicions in book one (Alistair in Wonderland) who March’s fated mate would end up being and was totally right – but I still can’t wait for their book. There’s also a twist thrown in with Vivi and Hatter (that I did NOT see coming, but was wondering how she’d keep them apart through another book), and I’m looking forward to how that will resolve!

So there are some definite things I don’t like about these books – like the use of the word “prick” to describe the male member, or some of the ways the shifters use their magic (magical lube!). It was enough to knock off a star for me, but really those things are probably more personal preference than anything, so ymmv.

This is the second book in the Wonderland Ever After series. I highly recommend reading them in order. I can’t wait for books three and four, Renner in Mirror Land and Hatter in Clockland respectively.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are unbiased and my own.

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